aluminized coating composite film

Compared with aluminum foil, aluminized coating composite film has brighter metallic luster. Similar with aluminum foil, it has gray color background issue. The thickness of the aluminum coating is something that will affect the graying degree of aluminized coating composite film, if the thickness of the aluminum coating is too thin, then it has good light transmittance. You might not be able to see much of a difference before laminating. But after that, you will see the thinner part of the aluminum coating would be much more grayer and even getting dark. There are two types of aluminum composite film: VMPET and VMCPP.  Special attention should be placed on the VMCPP composite products. During the heat sealing procedure, the PP resin of CPP would flow around, which would cause displacement of the aluminum coating on the CPP. And because of that, the brightness of the aluminum coating on the CPP would be affected - the luster of the aluminized surface on the heat sealing position will change from bright metallic luster to matte metallic color.

Aluminum Composite Film


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