transparent composite film

Though it does not have gray issue like aluminum foil and aluminum composite film have, transparent composite films overall effect could be affected by the package content (even though it has printed white color as a base when printing). Whats more, it could also be affected by the color of the other side of the pouch - some composite pouch may look alright before pouchmaking process, but after that, you may find its shade and chroma change because of the back pouch colors.

When used for cooking purpose, due to the limitation of pigment temperature resistance and migration, not all colors are suitable for cooking purpose. For example, colors of transparent, gold and silver can hardly meet the requirement of temperature resistance that retort packaging requires.

The pattern design of retort pouch should be simple and less colors. Whats more, if its reverse printing, considering the composite strength and heat sealing strength in the follow- up process, we should avoid full page printing when designing artwork, especially the heat sealing part of the packaging pouch should be designed transparent without any printing pattern.

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