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  • Healthy Seafood And Fish Skin Packaging

    Benefits of skin on tray packaging: enhanced shelf life; Preserves the colour and flavour of the product; ease of handling; secures and protects delicate product from damage; perfect for all shapes and dimensions; suitable for many merchandising presentations – including vertical; ultimate consumer convenience, higher quality appearance and enhanced rigidity over thermoformed applications.

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  • Quad Seal Bags For Cat Food

    Quad seal bags is a mature packaging scheme in cat food packaging, which is attractive both in price and in quality. Most of the cat food packaging on the market uses quad seal bags, and which LD PACK can provide stable and large-scale production, ensure large-scale order demand. Accurate printing can provide a good visual appearance for your products.

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  • Beef - Food Safe Packaging With Inert Atmosphere

    The modified atmosphere typically contains purified atmosphere found in air (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and/or carbon monoxide) in different proportions depending on and desired shelf lift and product quality characteristics. Packages protect the food against contamination and deterioration. Products can be visible through the package and label information can be showed on the package. Keep the meat in satisfying bright red colors. Conform to food safety standard.

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  • Flat Bottom Pouches Bags For Pet Food

    Here you can find a wide variety of pet food packaging. LD PACK has rich experience in making pet or animal food packaging. The pet food packaging that we manufacture including cat food, dog food, fish food, bird food and even horse food. Among all the pet food bags that LD PACK provided, most of them are flat bottomed pouches, which are also called as flat bottomed bags. Nowadays, flat bottomed pouches / flat bottomed bags are the most popular pet food packaging solutions in the world. As a leading flexible packaging enterprise in China, LD PACK provides patented high-quality and high-quality flat bottomed bags for global buyers.

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  • Premade Pouch Animal Food Packaging For Pedigree Dog Food Package

    As with any food application, proper pet food packaging bags are essential for ensuring quality, maintaining freshness. Innovative Flexible Packaging is becoming a important marketing strategy to increase the success of many new product introductions,LD PACK is the authority on pre-made pouch providing animal food packaging for dog food and cat food. Not only the excellent ingredients to make the good quality of food for your lovely pet but also the good animal Food Packaging can help to prolong the shelf-life of product. Therefore, optimum premade pouch has become essential to ensure quality and freshness of product remain throughout the product's shelf-life.

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  • Recyclable Food Snack Zipper Pouch Packaging

    Recyclable food packaging has gradually become the basic requirements of major food enterprises in the world. Mature recyclable flexible packaging pouch can not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastics, with its production being a manifestation of the important ability flexible packaging enterprises. In the recyclable food packaging category, the demand for snacks packaging is the first to appear. At the same time, the demand is large. Accordingly, our snack packaging pouch production output is more than 100,000 per day. Even if additional zippers are required by our customers on these pouches, (whose name is recyclable snack zipper packaging pouch) our production will still be at the same quantity level. LD PACK provide snack zipper pouch of high quality. In the meanwhile, we can also provide innovative recyclable snack packaging pouches for food enterprises, especially for snack food enterprises.

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  • Recyclable Plastic Dog Food Packaging Pouches

    In LD PACK, dog food packaging is regarded as one of the most important production and business projects in terms of plastic packaging as it is firmly believed by our whole company that good quality dog food should be accompanied by high-quality and durable dog food pouches which can successfully pass the falling test (The test proves that dropping our pouches from 1 meter height and the pouch still remains unbroken). Dog food packaging pouches, as one of our key items, have features of recyclability. Among all kinds of the recyclable plastic pouches, dog food packaging pouches has the characteristics of large capacity and excellent display performance. In addition, LD PACK is one of the few flexible-packaging-pouch-producing enterprises that can produce recyclable dog food packaging with large capacity of 15kg.

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