Thirty Years of Innovation, Hundreds Years of Dreams

—— The 30th anniversary celebration for LD PACKs establishment & recycling packaging products launch conference.


December 2, 2020 is a huge day for LD PACKAGING CO., LTD  -  The 30th anniversary of  LD s establishment & recycling packaging products launch conference is held on this very day. Business partners from all places of the country come and gather together and celebrate this meaningful event with everyone in LD.


Accompanied by our colleagues, our guests are invited to visit our production workshop so that to let our customers have a better understanding of the production processes of our products. During the visit, our customers show their great interest in our products manufacturing techniques, and highly appreciate our professional technology, environmental awareness, innovative ideas.


After visiting our factory, the guests are lead to our showroom, at which our new recycling packaging products launch conference is held. At the new products launch conference, recyclable materials for large capacity bags, stand up pouch with spout, and roll film are specially introduced. In the meantime, our director of technical department give a detailed introduction in terms of recyclable products performance, innovative points and future development trend, etc. As a responsible enterprise, LD responds to the government's call to develop a recyclable economy. The company has devoted itself to research, continuously broken through technical difficulties, and achieved mass production of some recyclable products.


At 6 o 'clock in the evening, the dinner party for the 30th anniversary of LD will be held at the foot of the Xiqiao mountain near the beautiful Tingyin lake to share the joy and glory of the 30th anniversary with our customers and colleagues. At the banquet, the leaders of the government and the association made speeches to express their heartfelt congratulations on the 30th anniversary of LD. Then the chairman of the company, Mr. Chen Gancai, and the general manager, Mr. Zhong Changjian give speeches on reviewing the development course of the company in the past 30 years and the companys development plan for the next 5-10 years.


Since the year of 1990, LD PACKAGING CO., LTD has been and will always be striving for perfection and insisting on innovation.

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