Aluminum Foil Composite film

The colors given by designers are always PANTONE color code on paper or the CYMK color code on paper. As a matter of fact, intaglio printing sometimes cannot print the colors exactly just like the ones given by designers, because reverse printing is often for plastic printing while surface printing for paper printing, and their base color are different.


Special attention should be paid to the base color of the printing materials when printing flexible packaging.

(1) Aluminum foil composite film. Aluminum foil is actually a "gray" color. When the printing film with white background is combined with aluminum foil, it is obvious that the color produced by the composite is "gray-white" color. Because the base color of aluminum foil composite film is gray , its impossible to produce the same bright and high purity color as paper lithographic printing. Though it has a disadvantage of gray, foil has the advantage of metallic luster. Without applying a white color base, just print the ink onto the foil, it can produce the luster effect which paper printing wont be able to achieve. Its luster effect would even better if to use transparent ink made with dyestuff; using transparent yellow ink, the foil can achieve a shiny golden effect. These are something need to be paid attention to when printing (especially when using the transparent ink for printing) on a foil with white color base. As a calendering product, aluminum foil has two sides - a glossy side and a matt side. Since the luster of both sides is different, even if to use the same ink for printing, the outcome would be different, there would be a huge color difference between them. In the actual production process, we should also know that aluminum foil made from different factories, or made from different batch, their gloss and calendered fringe could be quite different, and thus lead to the color difference. For those aluminum foil composite film without applying white base, make sure the colors printed and the gloss of the foil are the same with that of the benchmark sample. If the foil turns out to be too bright, we can adjust the brightness by adding some matting powder or some white ink to the ink. For aluminum foil composite products, we should also pay attention to the aluminum foil rolling stripes, some aluminum foil (especially the matting side of aluminum foil ) has thick stripes, and may also have bright spots, which will affect the appearance of the product and make people feel that there is a scraper line or ink dot.

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