New Products for Liquid Pouch

  • New Products for Liquid Pouch
  • New Products for Liquid Pouch
  • New Products for Liquid Pouch
  • New Products for Liquid Pouch
  • New Products for Liquid Pouch
  • New Products for Liquid Pouch
New Products for Liquid Pouch
  • China
  • 30 days lead time
  • We have enough machinery and equipment for production to reach 350 tons per week.

Light weight, flexible packaging
Foldable, space saving, cost effective for transportation
Convenient to use.
Environmental friendly

When it comes to beverage packaging, plastic bottles, metal cans probably would be the first thing that pop into our mind. But nowadays, more and more beverages are contained with liquid packaging, especially in European countries. And you may wonder the reason why?

First, the weight of liquid pouch is very light. In fact, with the same capacity, flexible packaging only weights 1/7 to 1/10 of other type of packaging. That is to say, using pouch would use less raw materials and is more environmental friendly.

Moreover, for the reason that pouch is soft and flexible, when transporting the same amount of product, packing with pouch would save more space and be more cost effective. 

Also, comparing to other type of packaging, liquid pouch would be more cleaner and convenient because it's re-sealable with accessories such as spouts and zippers.

Finally, liquid pouch has advantages such as high strength and barrier performance, cost effective and so on.

According to a survey, more than 50% of brand owners have experienced a sales increase when using flexible pouch for liquid packaging, and using liquid pouches helps them decrease their production costs. What’s more, comparing to the other packaging containers such as cans, glass bottles, etc.,  up to 70% of customers would prefer liquid pouch.

Apparently, there is no doubt that liquid pouch is getting more and more popular and  it would be a wise choice to use liquid pouch.

Working flows for pre-production:

1. Provide us with detailed information about the pouch you would like to make, like use purpose, size, artwork, structure and thickness, etc. If necessary, we can provide our good and professional suggestions for your choice as well.

2. We will quote accordingly after we get all the information about the pouch.

3. Once the price is confirmed by mutual sides, we will start working on the artwork processing (FYI:  we need to process the artwork into the doable version for  gravure printing).

4. Setting up the color standard.

5. Confirm the artwork and sign the contract.

6. Buyers need to prepay the cylinder (printing cost) and 40% advanced payment of the order.

7. We will start producing quanlity products for you after then.

Enterprise strength:

High production capacity

The production base covers an area more than 30,000m2.

Annual production can reach 15000 tons.


Advanced production equipment:

300,000-class GMPB brand new workshops.

6 automatic high-speed production lines.

liquid pouch


Strong technological innovative ability:

Obtain 9 invention patents.

Obtain 15 patents of utility model (including 1 international invention patent)


Perfect and stable quality assurance:

Professional inspecting equipment.

Quality-safety certification.

liquid pouch


Sustainable development strategy:

Equip with specialized waste gas treatment to reduce the carbon emission.

liquid pouch

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