3 Side Seal Flat Retort Pouch For Pet Food Gravy

  • 3 Side Seal Flat Retort Pouch For Pet Food Gravy
  • 3 Side Seal Flat Retort Pouch For Pet Food Gravy
  • 3 Side Seal Flat Retort Pouch For Pet Food Gravy
  • 3 Side Seal Flat Retort Pouch For Pet Food Gravy
3 Side Seal Flat Retort Pouch For Pet Food Gravy
  • China
  • 30 days lead time
  • We have enough machinery and equipment for production to reach 350 tons per week.

The retort pouch can be cooked at 130°C for 30 minutes, which fully meets UHT sterilization conditions, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the gravy pet food inside the bag.
The high barrier property of the retort pouch can ensure a hygienic storage condition for the gravy pet food after sterilization, the content inside the pouch can remian good quality and is not easily affected by the external environment.
The capacity of the 3-side seal flat pouch is very small, it is suitable for making various gravy pet food insmall packages.

Gravy pet food has a high requirements for hygiene, so it must undergo a strict sterilization process in food factories. The safest and most effective food sterilization method is the high-temperature sterilization.

For pet food sterilization, usually the temperture should be at 100 ℃,  110°C, 121°C, or even 130°C. so that to ensure that gravy pet food would be in good quality and hygienic within the shelf life. 

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Product Name

3 side seal flat retort pouch for gravy pet food 

Maximum capacity

50g– 500g


Wet dog foods, cat foods, any pet foods

Anti-dropping height

1 – 1.8 meter

Type of pouch

3 side seal pouch / flat pouch



Structure and material





Maximum 12 colors

Printing process

Gravure printing

Production capacity

500,000 pcs per day

Default port of shipping


Working flows for pre-production:

1. Provide us with detailed information about the pouch you would like to make, like use purpose, size, artwork, structure and thickness, etc. If necessary, we can provide our good and professional suggestions for your choice as well.

2. We will quote accordingly after we get all the information about the pouch.

3. Once the price is confirmed by mutual sides, we will start working on the artwork processing (FYI:  we need to process the artwork into the doable version for  gravure printing).

4. Setting up the color standard.

5. Confirm the artwork and sign the contract.

6. Buyers need to prepay the cylinder (printing cost) and 40% advanced payment of the order.

7. We will start producing quanlity products for you after then.

Enterprise strength:

High production capacity

The production base covers an area more than 30,000m2.

Annual production can reach 15000 tons.

3 side seal flat pouch

Advanced production equipment:

300,000-class GMPB brand new workshops.

6 automatic high-speed production lines.

retort pouch


Strong technological innovative ability:

Obtain 9 invention patents.

Obtain 15 patents of utility model (including 1 international invention patent)

gravy pet food

Perfect and stable quality assurance:

Professional inspecting equipment.

Quality-safety certification.

3 side seal flat pouch


Sustainable development strategy:

Equip with specialized waste gas treatment to reduce the carbon emission.

retort pouch

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