Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging

  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
Bag In Box BIB For Liquid Packaging
  • China
  • Pure milk, yogurt, milkshake, juice, wine,cooking oil
  • We have enough machinery and equipment for production to reach 350 tons per week.
  • 20,000 PCS
  • 30 days lead time

1. Excellent barrier protection against light and oxygen.
2. Cost effectiveness, lower weight and bigger volume in comparison with other packaging materials like glass.
3. Reusable and it can reduce environmental impact.
4. Reclosable, convenient to use.

bag in box

A bag in box (BIB) consists of the innerbag, valve and paper box. It is good in airtightness, reducing cost. and complying with the requirements of national environmental protection. Widely used in   

bib packagingpacking pure milk, yogurt, milkshake, juice, wine, mineral water, cooking oil, etc.


Inner bag: Unlike the traditional flexible packaging, the inner bag consists of two

layers. Inner layer is single PE film. Outer layer is laminated film, which can be made into a bag with metallic PET or in transparent depends on the packaging requirements of different fillings. We can provide single or continues bags in rolls. The advantage of two layers is that once the certain material got damaged, there is a second layer of protection. Meanwhile, the two layers setting can slow down the impact of liquid flow to the packaging bag during transportation, which plays a very good role in protection.


Valve: Providing a wide range of valves including butterfly type, screw type, button type, switch type, etc., Adapting to manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic filling.


Paper box: Made of corrugated paper, it has characteristics of high strength but light weight, environmentally friendly and good protection in transport. The paper box is printable on demands.


bag-in-box food packagingRelated Matching Spout Caps

Various Food-grade valve and caps for various product requirement.

bag in box


The valve allows users to control the flow of liquid by either rotating or pressing the valve.The design of the valve helps prevent contamination of the remaining liquid inside the bag, maintaining product integrity.

bib packaging


In the context of packaging, an adapter is a component that allows the connection or fitting of different parts. It can facilitate the attachment of one part to another.

bag-in-box food packaging


The primary function of a pouring cap is to facilitate controlled pouring or dispensing of the liquid contents from the container.

bag in box


Plug inserted into container opening under pressure, ensuring a seal, commonly used in chemicals and similar fields. 

bib packaging


A snap cap closing with a snapping motion. It typically involves a secure snap-on feature, providing a tight seal when closed and easy access when opened. 

bag-in-box food packaging


The snap cap design implies that the cap can be easily opened and closed with a snapping action. This type of closure is often convenient for quick and easy access to the contents of the container. 

bag in boxPaper box:


Reference size for bags

Reference size for box













Product Advantages 

➢ It is made of food-grade materials, complies with food hygiene requirements of China, FDA, EU and BFR. bib packaging

➢ The non-return air opening tap keeps the freshness and long shelf life for the contents. You’ll have the last drop as fresh and tasty as the first. 

➢ Saving packaging costs. Taking 3L of olive oil as an example, the capacity of a 3L BIB is the same size as the total contents of 4 bottles of 750ml. In BIB, there is a 3L inner bag with valve and a box. In bottle packaging, there are four glass bottles, corks, bottle stickers, heat shrink caps, etc. The packaging cost of the BIB will be 1/3 of the bottles packaging. 

➢ BIB packaging reduces transport and storage costs by folding for storage, reducing the storage space and transport costs required before and after use. 

bag-in-box food packaging

➢ Environmentally friendly and hygienic, Simply take out the inner bag out the box and recycle and reuse. 

➢ Acid resistance, alkali resistance and high temperature resistance (95°C)

bag in box

Bag in box (BIB) for liquid packaging, with its features of light weight, large volume yet space saving comparing with other containers such as glass bottles or aluminum cans, etc., can be much easier for transportation while saving large amount of  transportation costs.  

For liquid packaging, the price of bag in box (BIB) is less expensive than that of glass bottles/aluminum cans. Though it's just a flexible package, its anti- breakage and anti-leakage functions are of excellent. By the way, the BIB bags can be opened easily without using any aids like corkscrews for glass bottles.

Bag in box (BIB) for liquid packaging can stand up easily and be stored in a cabinet or refrigerator.

Providing barrier against light and oxygen, BIB bags can ensure the liquid inside is of good quality. BIB bags are also reclosable, very convenient to use. We don’t need to throw the BIB bag away right away when the liquid inside the bag runs out, as the BIB bag can be recycled and  reused as bags for daily usage. For example, we can fill water or juice into the bag, then bring them out for outdoor activities.


bib packaging


  • Provide us the detail information of the pouch, including use purpose, size, artwork,  structure and thickness

  • Then we quote accordingly, we may quote many times for the best option for you

  • After your confirmation on pricing, we will start working on the artwork processing

  • Setting up the color standard

  • Confirmation for both side to artwork and sign the contract

  • You will need to prepay the cylinder (printing cost) and 40% advanced payment of the order

  • Then we starting making the lovely flexible packaging for you

bag-in-box food packaging

Of course we will have certificates for helping you to get the idea how LD PACK worth to trust and worth to choose.

About LD Pack

bag in box


High production capacity,The production base covers an area more than 35,000 ㎡,Annual production can reach 25,000 tons.

bib packaging


100,000-class GMPB brand new workshops.

6 automatic high-speed production lines.

bag-in-box food packaging


Obtain 9 invention patents.

Obtain 15 patents of utility model (including 1 international invention patent)

bag in box


Professional inspecting equipment.

Quality-safety certification.

bib packaging


Equip with specialized waste gas treatment to reduce the carbon emission.


bag-in-box food packaging

Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we have more than 25 years experience in flexible packaging from 1990.Including Packaging bags, Plastic bag / Stand up Pouch/Spout bags/Ziplock bags/ Food Packaging Pouch/Stand up Pouch with spout/ Plastic pouch/Black ziplock Pouch/Cookie bag/Popsicle Packaging/Ziplock bags

bag-in-box food packaging

What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

- Bag shape 

- Dimension: Length x width (+ bottom/side gusset)

- Material structure and thickness, surface handling 

bag-in-box food packaging

If you are not sure, please let me know the effect you want and we will suggest.

- Printing colors, please also provide the artwork if possible

- Quantity

bag-in-box food packaging

When we create the artwork, what kind of format is available for printing?


bag in box

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