Food Pouches - Soup Packaging

  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
Food Pouches - Soup Packaging
  • China
  • Snack, Seasonings & Condiments, PET FOOD
  • We have enough machinery and equipment for production to reach 350 tons per week.
  • 100,000 PCS
  • 30 days lead time

1.Freezable and retortable, resistant to high or low temperature.
2.Good durability and long shelf life.
3.100% Durable and leak-proof, high barrier property.
4.Convenient pouring and resealing with spout
5.A lot of room for customized printing, increasing your branding

Market Trends of Soup Packaging

Soup, a staple in Asian cuisine, has gained widespread popularity, especially in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. Consumers in these regions have developed a cultural and emotional connection to traditional soup. As Asian cuisine continues to spread in Western markets, pre-made soup is gradually becoming sought-after food in Europe and the Americas. There is an increasing demand among consumers for the pre-made soup with innovative flavors.

  • Consumers are increasingly concerned about the health and nutritional value of food. As a result, there is a desire to choose soup made from high-quality, natural ingredients.

  • The pre-made soup market consistently seeks innovation, supporting a variety of flavors and the use of different types of sauce to meet consumers' pursuit of diversity.

  • With the acceleration of the pace of life, convenient and quick soup dumpling products are highly popular, especially among the younger generation and professionals.

  • Consumers exhibit a strong curiosity about regional features. Pre-made soup products that showcase local features attract significant interest.

  •  Consumers show higher concern for the quality and production processes of food. They hope to find food information and production details on the packaging.

  • Consumers have diverse demands for soup, including different flavors and fillings. They prefer having a variety of options when making purchases.

soup packaging

Diversified Packaging Design

Packaging design should be flexible to meet the varying needs of different wholesale clients and brand partners. Using replaceable elements or labels can be considered to meet the positioning of diverse markets and the requirements of diverse customers.

  • Customized patterns, text, or icons can be printed on the packaging to meet the specific requirements of individual clients.

  • Rapid customization services enable wholesale clients and brand partners to make adjustments to packaging designs flexibly within a short time-frame.

Food Pouches

Ensuring 100% Leak-Proof Packaging

Material Selection

  • BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene):BOPP is a transparent, high-strength, and water-resistant film material, ideal for food packaging. Its high density provides excellent leak-proof performance.

  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate):PET material offers high transparency and good moisture resistance, making it a suitable choice for soup packaging. PET is typically food-safe.

  • PE (Polyethylene):PE is a commonly used food packaging material with good leak-proof properties, effectively preventing moisture penetration. Choosing food-grade PE material is crucial for food safety.

  • EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer):EVOH is a high-barrier material with significant resistance to oxygen and water vapor. Adding an EVOH layer to multi-layer composite materials enhances the packaging's leak-proof performance.

  • AL (Aluminum Foil):Aluminum foil boasts excellent barrier properties, effectively isolating light, oxygen, and moisture. Therefore, it is often used in multi-layer packaging structures to improve leak-proof performance.

  • PA (Polyamide, Nylon):Nylon is a high-strength, high-barrier material suitable for packaging that requires increased wear resistance and leak-proof performance.

  • CPP (Cast Polypropylene):CPP is a material that maintains flexibility at high temperatures, with good water resistance and leak-proof properties. It is commonly used in packaging for soup products.

The chosen materials are freezer-friendly and can be retorted at specific temperatures.

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High-Temperature Resistance

The retort pouches for soup, constructed with food-grade materials and printed with benzene-free inks, are available for pasteurization or withstanding high temperatures of up to 121°C. They are also suitable for low-temperature storage, and have excellent impact resistance and outstanding puncture resistance.


-Combination of polyamide and polypropylene, offering excellent gas barrier properties and abrasion resistance.

-Suitable for hot-cooked foods, frozen foods, with good freshness preservation capabilities.

-The polyamide layer provides superior gas barrier, while the polypropylene layer ensures sufficient transparency.


-Combination of polyamide, aluminum foil, and polypropylene, providing enhanced barrier properties.

-Suitable for packaging meat, seafood, and other foods requiring superior oxygen barrier.

-Aluminum foil layer provides excellent barrier, polyamide, and polypropylene offer mechanical performance.


-Combination of PET, aluminum foil, and polypropylene, featuring good barrier properties.

-Suitable for high-temperature food packaging, such as meat and seafood, requiring high barrier performance.

-PET layer provides transparency, aluminum foil layer offers superior barrier, polypropylene provides abrasion resistance.


-Combination of PET, polyamide, aluminum foil, and polypropylene, offering comprehensive performance.

-Suitable for canned foods, frozen foods, and products requiring multiple layers of protection.

-PET layer provides transparency, polyamide offers excellent oxygen barrier, and aluminum foil provides barrier properties.


-Combination of PET, aluminum foil, polyamide, and polypropylene, offering comprehensive performance.

-Suitable for hot-cooked foods, frozen foods, and products requiring multiple layers of protection.

-PET layer provides transparency, aluminum foil offers superior barrier, and polyamide provides abrasion resistance.

Note:Each packaging structure has its unique characteristics, and the selection of the appropriate structure should be based on the specific product features and packaging requirements. The description for high-temperature food suitability is for reference only, and the specific application scope should be adjusted based on actual products and production conditions.

Outstanding Barrier Properties and Versatility for Industrial and Retail Use

Outstanding Barrier Properties: Soup packaging typically utilizes multilayer composite materials such as PA/CPP, PET/CPP, providing excellent oxygen and moisture barrier. This helps prevent the penetration of air, moisture, and odors, maintaining the taste and flavor of the soup.

Extend Shelf Life: By preventing the intrusion of oxygen, moisture, and other external factors, soup packaging can extend the shelf life of the product, ensuring good quality for a longer duration.

Available for Retorting & Cooking: Soup packaging can safely undergo the cooking process, whether through automatic filling or manual filling. This flexibility allows for efficient processing on the production line and convenience for consumers cooking at home.

Automatic and Manual Filling: The design of soup packaging considers different production and consumption scenarios. Automatic filling is suitable for large-scale production, while manual filling facilitates retail packaging or small-batch production.

Transparency and Packaging Design: Some soup packaging may use transparent materials or incorporate windows in the design to showcase the product's appearance and texture, attracting consumer attention.

Heat Resistance: Soup packaging typically possesses good heat resistance to withstand high temperatures during the cooking process, ensuring the packaging remains intact and leak-free.


Industrial Production: Suitable for large-scale industrial production lines, utilizing automated equipment for filling and sealing.

Retail Packaging: Suitable for the retail market, providing convenience for consumers to purchase small quantities of soup, either through manual or automatic filling.

Convenience Food: The convenience of soup packaging makes it an ideal choice for the convenience food market, meeting the consumer demand for quick cooking at home.


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High production capacity,The production base covers an area more than 35,000 ㎡,Annual production can reach 25,000 tons.

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100,000-class GMPB brand new workshops.

6 automatic high-speed production lines.

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Obtain 9 invention patents.

Obtain 15 patents of utility model (including 1 international invention patent)

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Professional inspecting equipment.

Quality-safety certification.

Food Pouches


Equip with specialized waste gas treatment to reduce the carbon emission.


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Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we have more than 25 years experience in flexible packaging from 1990.Including Packaging bags, Plastic bag / Stand up Pouch/Spout bags/Ziplock bags/ Food Packaging Pouch/Stand up Pouch with spout/ Plastic pouch/Black ziplock Pouch/Cookie bag/Popsicle Packaging/Ziplock bags

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What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

- Bag shape 

- Dimension: Length x width (+ bottom/side gusset)

- Material structure and thickness, surface handling 

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If you are not sure, please let me know the effect you want and we will suggest.

- Printing colors, please also provide the artwork if possible

- Quantity

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When we create the artwork, what kind of format is available for printing?


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