Spout Pouch packaging solution

  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • Spout Pouch packaging solution
Spout Pouch packaging solution
  • China
  • Pure milk, yogurt, milkshake, juice, wine,cooking oil
  • We have enough machinery and equipment for production to reach 350 tons per week.
  • 100,000 PCS
  • 30 days lead time

At our company, we offer innovative spout pouch and stand up pouch packaging solutions, providing you with excellent packaging options for your products. We understand that whether you're in the food industry, personal care products, liquid manufacturing, or any other field, choosing the right packaging is crucial for product freshness, brand recognition, and user experience.

Spout pouch not only get all the benefits of stand-up pouch but also easy to open, easy to use and easy to reclose. It's the ideal closure solution for direct consumption and easier use. 

Different laminates enable retort processing, hot-fill or ambient-fill processing, and can be structured to meet your various application conditions and needs. Using spout pouches to replace other packaging formats such as tin cans provides an opportunity to reduce packaging material by up to 85%.With many options for innovative and creative packaging designs, spout pouch is gaining more popularity in the consumer goods packaging sector. 


spout pouchEasy to open

spout pouchReclosable
spout pouchAdvanced tamper evident cap

spout pouchRetortability

spout pouchExcellent barrier properties

spout pouchMatt finish possible

spout pouchExcellent printability for attractive shelf appearance

Stand up Pouch

Material Structure

  1. PET/NY/PE,

  2. NY/NY/PE,

  3. PET/AL/NY/PE,






  • baby food, fruit purees, yogurt, smoothies,    

  • beverages, cereals, soups, salad dressings, sauce and much more.

Personal & Home care

  • shampoos, washing liquids, sunscreen, etc.


  • 50ml - 6000 ml

Customized to Client's Specification

Stand up Spout Pouch

Spout Pouch

Sustainable Flexible Packaging

LD PACK is dedicated to the sustainable flexible packaging solutions and continuing to make unremitting efforts in research and development of recyclable packaging. In recent years, the requirements of environmental protection and circular economy are increasing at home and abroad, LD PACK has set up a R&D team for the recyclable packaging. And  after two year of hard work, a series of recyclable packaging have been developed and launched on the market step by step, aiming to realize the a closed loop of circular economy with business partners.

spout pouch

Spout Pouch-Mono PE


  • ≥95% PE based packaging  

  • 8.6-16mm PE spout  

  • optional-High barrier


  • Sauce,soup,washing liquid,shower gel

Stand up Pouch

Large Capacity Pouch-Mono PE


  • ≥90% PE based packaging

  • Large capacity 1-3L

  • High barrier

  • Optional -PE spout


  • Milk, juice beverage, Ad Blue,washing liquid

Stand up Spout Pouch

Retort Spout Pouch-MONO PP


  • ≥96% PP Based packaging

  • High barrier PP film OTR≤0.5

  • Retort above 125℃

  • PP material spout

  • Good recyclable in PP recycling


  • Fruit puree, protein, baby food, pet food

spout pouch

Spout Pouch - Polyolefin


  • ≥95% PO based packaging

  • 8.6-16mm PE spout

  • High barrier metallized PP film 

  • OTR≤0.2, Heat-resisting

  • Hot fill or pasteurization

  • 50-200ml


  • Yogurt, sauce, juice

1.The Differences between Spout Pouches and Plastic Bottles
FeatureSpout PouchPlastic Bottle
MaterialUsually made of multiple layers of plastic film.Typically made of Polyethylene (PET).
ShapeBag-shaped, Pouch, with a standing-up feature and a spout.Bottle-shaped.
PlasticitySuitable for various shapes and sizes.Fixed shape, not easily deformable.
SealingUsually heat seal or sealed with zipper.Sealed with a cap.
PortabilityEasy to carry, lightweight.Heavier, but generally stable.
TransparencyTransparent or semi-transparent, allowing visibility of the contents.Transparent or opaque, depending on design.
Environmental ProtectionRecyclable, but complex to process.Recyclable, but requires proper handling.
CostRelatively low.Relatively high.
Production and CustomizabilityProduction is relatively simple and easy to customize design.Production is relatively complex, limited customization.
UsageSuitable for liquid, powder, or granular products.Suitable for liquids and certain solid products.
Leakage PreventionAnti-leakage designs are available.Bottle caps provide relatively strong sealing.

2.How to Choose the Suitable Material Structure for Spout Pouches Based on Liquid pH Value:
Liquid pH ValueNeed CookingRecommended Material StructureFeaturesApplications
Acidic (pH < 7)YesPET/AL/RCPPPET for strength, AL for gas and light barrier, RCPP has high-temperature resistance, good sealing, and wear resistanceSauces, Tomato Sauce
Neutral (pH ≈ 7)YesPET/RCPPPET for strength, RCPP has high-temperature resistance, good sealing, and wear resistance. It’s retortable.Condiments, Sweet and Sour Sauce
Alkaline (pH > 7)YesBOPP/PET/AL/RCPPBOPP for transparency, PET for strength, AL for gas and light barrier, RCPP has high-temperature resistance, suitable for cookingCooked sauces, Soups
Acidic (pH < 7)NoPET/AL/PEPET for strength, AL for gas and light barrier, PE for sealing and food-grade safetyFruit Juice, Acidic Beverages
Neutral (pH ≈ 7)NoPET/PEPET for strength, PE for sealing and food-grade safetyWater, Milk, Dairy Products
Alkaline (pH > 7)NoBBOPP/PET/AL/PEBOPP for transparency, PET for strength, AL for gas and light barrier, PE for sealing and food-grade safetyCleaners, Shampoos

Please note that the material structures provided in the table are for reference only. The specific selection should be based on the chemical properties and shelf life requirement of the liquid, packaging process temperatures, humidity, and other factors. When choosing the material structure, it is advisable to consult with LD PACK's experts to ensure the selection of suitable materials tailored to specific needs.

3.Why Spout Pouch Is the Best Choice for Infant and Toddler Food:

1.Convenient to Carry and Use: Spout pouch is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for mothers to provide food to infants and toddlers while on the go. It's easy to squeeze, allowing infants and toddlers to self-feed without spoons, reducing the number of utensils and the burden of carrying them. 

2.Excellent Freshness Preservation: Spout pouch typically has excellent sealing properties, effectively maintaining the freshness of the food and extending its shelf life. 

3.Easy to Control the Food Intake: The design of spout pouch makes it easy for infants and toddlers to control the suction speed, avoiding coughing that may arise from ingesting too quickly. 

4.Suitable for Various Foods: Spout pouch is suitable for a variety of foods, including purees, yogurt, juices, rice porridge, and more, providing diverse dietary options. 

5.Minimizes Food Waste: Spout pouch can be squeezed to the last drop, reducing food wastage effectively. 

6.Safety: Spout pouch made from qualified, food-grade materials typically meets hygiene standards and is safe for use. 

4.Types of Spout Pouches:
Pouch TypeFeaturesImage
Stand up PouchVertical placement with bottom support, suitable for liquid products.Stand up Pouch
Side Seal PouchSealed on the sides, typically with a flat bottom, suitable for granular products.Stand up Spout Pouch
Bottom Fill PouchFilled from the bottom, with a spout or zipper closure at the top.spout pouch
Flat Bottom Spout Pouch(3D Pouch)Three-dimensional structure, increased capacity, suitable for various product types.Stand up Pouch
Spout PouchEquipped with a straw structure, convenient for children, suitable for juices, milkshakes, and beverages..Stand up Spout Pouch
Pouch with HandleHandles on both sides for easy carrying, suitable for large-capacity liquid products.spout pouch
Special Shaped PouchCustomized based on the specific shape of the product, can be in the shape of animals, fruits, etc..Stand up Pouch
5.Common Structures and Their Features of Spout Pouch:
PET/NY/PEPET for strength, NY for heat and abrasion resistance, PE for sealing and heat-resistant, suitable for hot filling and long-term storage.
NY/NY/PETwo layers of NY provide higher heat resistance and mechanical strength, PE for sealing and high-temperature resistant, suitable for heat treatment and sterilization.
PET/AL/NY/PEPET for strength, AL for gas and light barrier, NY for heat resistance, PE for sealing.
PET/AL/PET/PETPET for strength, AL for gas and light barrier, PE for sealing. Suitable for protecting light-sensitive products.
PET/VMPET/PEPET for strength, VMPET for gas and light barrier, PE for sealing. Suitable for preserving freshness of food products.
PET/AL/NY/RCPPPET for strength, AL for gas and light barrier, NY for heat resistance, RCPP for high-temperature resistance.
6.Factors to Consider When Choosing Spout Pouch:

1.Product Nature:Liquid or Granular: Spout pouch is suitable for liquids, granules, or semi-fluid products. Different types of spout pouch may be suitable for different kinds of products. Acidity and Alkalinity: Choose corrosion-resistant materials for acidic or alkaline products. 

2.Freshness and Leak Prevention: Sealing: Select spout pouch with excellent sealing properties to maintain product freshness and prevent leakage. Gas and water barrier: If the product is sensitive to oxygen or humidity, choose spout pouch made from materials with high barrier. 

3.Packaging Requirements: Volume and Size: Choose an appropriate size of spout pouch based on the product's volume and quantity. Transparency: Do you need transparent packaging to display the product, or opaque packaging to protect it? User-Friendly: Spout pouch should be designed for easy use, such as easy opening and squeezing. 

4.Transportation and Storage: Pressure Resistance: If the product needs to withstand certain pressure during transportation and storage, select spout pouch with pressure-resistant properties. Temperature Resistance: If the product requires transportation or storage under high or low-temperature conditions, choose materials with high-temperature or low-temperature resistance. 

5.Environmental Sustainability: Recyclable Materials: Consider selecting recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact. 

6.Regulations and Standards: Compliance: The materials used by LD PACK are food-grade, free from BPA and approved by FDA, thus ensuring legal sales of the products. 

7.Cost and Production Requirements: Cost Consideration: Choose spout pouch based on budget constraints. Production Process: Ensure the selected spout pouch aligns with the requirements of production process and filling equipment. 

7.Applications of Spout Pouch:
LiquidPWine, Beer, Beverages, etc.Washing Liquid, Bleach, Insecticides, Hand Soap, etc.
Dairy ProductsYogurt, Milk, etc./
Alcoholic DrinksWhiskey, Gin, etc./
Tea and CoffeeTea, Coffee Beverages, etc./
Vinegar ProductsVinegar./
Cleaning Items/Washing Liquid, Bleach, Insecticides, Hand Soap, etc.
Pet FoodWet Pet Food, Pet Treats/

This table illustrates the wide-ranging applications of spout pouches in both the food and non-food sectors. Different types of spout pouches can cater to various products, offering manufacturers more packaging options.

8.Where Can the Spout on the Pouch Be Placed?

The spout can be placed anywhere along the top edge of the pouch; this is typically at the left upper edge, upper center, or right upper edge.

9.Common Leakage Issues and Solutions of Spout Pouch:

Spout pouch users may encounter leakage issues, which can impact the product's quality and user experience. Here are some common leakage problems and their corresponding solutions of spout pouch:

1.Leakage at the Seal:

Problem: Poor sealing or foreign particles at the seal. 

Solution: Check the seal for tightness. If not secure, reseal or replace the pouch. If foreign particles are present, clean the seal area thoroughly.

2.Leakage at the Spout:

Problem: Damaged or improperly installed spout. 

Solution: Inspect the spout for damage. If damaged, replace the spout. If not securely installed, re-install the spout or replace the pouch.

3.Leakage at the Bottom:

Problem: Poor sealing at the bottom or foreign particles. 

Solution: Check the bottom seal. If loose, reseal or replace the pouch. If there are foreign particles, clean the bottom area thoroughly.

4.Leakage at the Printing Area:

Problem: Poor print quality or cracks at the printing area. 

Solution: Check the print quality. If poor, reprint or replace the pouch. If there are cracks, replace the pouch.

It's important to note that besides the issues mentioned above, other factors like poor material quality, improper manufacturing processes, or damage during transportation can lead to spout pouch leaks. Therefore, when using spout pouches, it's crucial to consider various factors and take preventive and remedial measures to avoid leakage problems.

Choose the appropriate solution based on your specific situation. If the problem persists, it's advisable to seek professional technical support and advice from your packaging supplier or email LD Pack. 

Additionally, we need to know the following details:.

  • What material are you using? Does it include a nylon layer?

  • Does the film have chemical or alcohol barrier properties?

  • What sealing method does your supplier use? Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic?

  • Which part of the pouch is leaking? The body or the cap area?

  • How do you fill the pouches? Automatic filling or manual filling?

  • Does the filler have a steel pipe inserted into the spout? Or do you use a funnel?

  • When does the leakage occur? During filling or after filling, during storage?

  • How are the pouches transported after filling?

  • What is the pH level of the liquid or substance during filling?

Stand up Spout Pouch


spout pouch

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- Bag shape 

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spout pouch

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- Printing colors, please also provide the artwork if possible

- Quantity

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