Demonstration for plastic flexible packaging

    The display of flexible packaging is mainly manifested in the stiffness, light transmittance, haze, and antistatic properties of the packaging material.
    Stiffness: The stiffness of the raw materials used basically determines the stiffness of the packaging material, which is mainly reflected in its elastic modulus. Among the existing commonly used packaging materials, paper, OPP, PET, and AL have better stiffness.
    Light transmittance and haze: Light transmittance and haze are important indicators that determine the visibility and clarity of the packaged goods, and they have a great relationship with the display effect of the goods. When it is necessary to provide a good display effect for the goods packaged in the film bag, a plastic packaging film with high light transmission and low haze should be selected.
    Gloss: indicates the reflective ability of the plastic film when exposed to light.
    Antistatic property: The antistatic property of the plastic film directly affects the dust absorption of the plastic bag. If the antistatic property is good, it is not easy to absorb dust; if the antistatic property is poor, it is easy to absorb dust. Vacuuming will reduce the transparency, gloss and clarity of the printed pattern of the plastic film bag. Therefore, good antistatic properties are very important to maintain a good display effect of the packaging bag for a long time.

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