LD PACK: The output value exceeds 600 million RMB-3

Outlook on solvent-free aluminum laminated film, PET & other high barrier materials

We have tested some glues performance selected from a number of competitive enterprises at home and abroad, but it is difficult to achieve the stability of mass production. Solvent-free aluminum laminated film, VMPET and other high barrier materials are very difficult to avoid white spots and wrinkles. If the customers do not have high requirement on the product appearance, it can use solvent-free process; otherwise, this kind of product is suggested to choose dry lamination for better stability. To make a breakthrough in this regard, I think the key is also the glue performance and coating process. The glue is required to have slower reaction, as well as the molecular weight can not be too big or too small. If the molecular weight is too large, it is necessary to increase the temperature to ensure the uniformity of the coating, but this will affect whether the film will generate tensile deformation; If the molecular weight is too low, it is easy to generate bubbles. The process is very complex and needs to be improved.

Outlook on VOCs management and various printing processes

(1) Gravure ink

We have tested performance of ink before, but the printing effect and other aspects did not meet the requirements, so We didn't pay particular attention on it. I think the performance of ink in the flexible packaging film industry is not too mature. If only printing simple white ink, the performance is still possible, but it is quit difficult to complete the multilevel printing with full color ink, due to the high requirements on printing precision from most of Chinese consumers.


(2) Flexograpic Printing

Flexographic printing technology is developing rapidly in Europe and the United States, but it is difficult in China, which is more suitable for the field of sanitary packaging, but not for food packaging. Because customers are very strict on printing requirements of food packaging, and the reproduction rate of flexo printing dot can not be comparable to gravure printing. Plus, the comprehensive cost of flexo printing is too expensive including equipment, ink, printing plate making and so on. Taking the plate fee as example, flexo printing plate cost is about 0.3~0.4 RMB/m2, while the gravure printing plate cost is only 0.15 RMB/m2.


(3) Digital printing

Whether to use digital printing is decided by the product positioning. If you want to develop a small batch of personalized, customized, differentiated products, you can choose digital printing. If your customers are traditional brand enterprises, you must carefully consider that since the cost of digital printing is high and the equipment investment is too expensive.


Environmental management

We have two sets of treatment equipment, one set of solvent recovery equipment is imported from Japan, mainly used for dry lamination solvent recovery. The recovered solvent can be basically 100% used for printing. The other set is RTO equipment, mainly matching with the printing machine. The heat energy generated by the combustion of recovered solvent is reused to the printing drying or curing room. Comparing the economic benefits of the two sets of environmental protection equipment, solvent recovery is definitely more dominant, because the thermal energy generated by RTO is negligible, and saving the cost of solvent is the most important. In the future, we will also prefer the recycling equipment for the environmental protection management of new factories.


Prospect for 2024: Persist in innovation and restore confidence

In 2023, we have all experienced a very difficult year, and withstood the tests of the turbulent international situations such as the global economic downturn, the China-Us game, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the Palestan-Israeli conflict. We have survived the worst year. Even though there are still many uncertain risks in 2024, everyone should have experience in meeting the challenge.


We cannot predict and change the economic situation,and it's no use complaining about it. As a packaging enterprise, the only thing we can do is to find our own certainty, that is, the clear  product positioning and market positioning. I have two thoughts to share:

(1) Persist in innovation.This is very important and this is my deep experience of years of business.The more intense the competition is, the more you need to think calmly about how you will meet the challenge.If you have a differentiated product that no one else has, you build your core competency and don't have to cut the price. In addition to relying on talent, innovation is also inseparable from advanced, efficient, automated and intelligent equipment.


(2) In the face of adversity, we must strengthen lean management to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Because the price war happens with high probability in 2024, whether you have the ability to participate in the price competition depends on how well you do your lean management. Improve the digital management, constantly optimize the technology and process, and control the loss to the minimum, so that you can maintain a competitive advantage in the price war and obtain certain profits.


I believe that if companies work well in the two things mentioned above, they can survive even the worst economic environment in 2024. 


In 2024, we also start the construction of a new factory covering an area of over 20,000 m2 in Xiqiao, which is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of the year, and our goal is to continue to maintain the steady growth of the enterprise.

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