Stand up pouch

  • Stand Up Pouch With Valve Packaging For Liquor

    Satisfying shelf life. Excellent barrier protection against odor, moisture, light and oxygen. Optional and resealable valve/tap prevent spillage and leakage. Convenient to handle, uneasy to be damaged.

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  • Retort Stand Up Pouches For Wet Pet Foods

    The application scope of the retort pouches and cans is very similar, but the retort pouches would be more safe to use than can does, because the retort pouches do not have sharp edges while cans have. The characteristics of retort pouches are very suitable for making wet pet foods pouches, because often this kind of wet cat food needs to be sterilized by cooking. With good standing up features our retort pouches can be displayed well on the shelf. Normally the capacity of our stand up retort pouches is not big, yet they are easy to be displayed in places without hooks or any other aids.

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  • Spouted Liquid Stand Up Pouches In Recyclable Packaging Materials

    The quality of liquid packaging pouch is the benchmark to test a packaging enterprise’s overall manufacturing level. . LD PACK is the industry leader in the manufacturing level and speed of liquid packaging bags. Even when producing the liquid packaging pouches with spouted, LD PACK can still maintain a qualified product output of more than 1 million per day. This benefits from its mature production process, rich production experience and strict production standards. These three conditions combined together allow us to make great progress every day. In order to better protect the environment, LD PACK has also developed liquid packaging pouches with recyclable packaging materials.

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