dog food packaging

  • Recyclable PE Doypack Pouches

    LD Pack’s Doypack pouch, with only one material PE, is the real recyclable packaging. Flexible packages can be recycled only after the layers composited had been separated, as most of flexible packages are made from different types of film laminated together. Our doypack use pure PE structure, so that the recycling can be carried out directly without the rigmarole material separating process. Even though we use only PE material for recycling packaging, our PE film could achieve the same good printing effect as that of ordinary printing material film.

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  • Recyclable Plastic Dog Food Packaging Pouches

    In LD PACK, dog food packaging is regarded as one of the most important production and business projects in terms of plastic packaging as it is firmly believed by our whole company that good quality dog food should be accompanied by high-quality and durable dog food pouches which can successfully pass the falling test (The test proves that dropping our pouches from 1 meter height and the pouch still remains unbroken). Dog food packaging pouches, as one of our key items, have features of recyclability. Among all kinds of the recyclable plastic pouches, dog food packaging pouches has the characteristics of large capacity and excellent display performance. In addition, LD PACK is one of the few flexible-packaging-pouch-producing enterprises that can produce recyclable dog food packaging with large capacity of 15kg.

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