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  • Environmentally Friendly Dry Fruit Pouches

    Dried fruits last longer than fresh fruits, meaning they can be transported for longer distances. So in order to package dried fruit up in modern food industry, dry fruit pouches are often used. For a long time in the past, the ultimate aim for flexible packaging industry was to provide storing conditions for dry fruit. In the early days of the its existence and use, flexible packaging could not solve the problem of air tightness. Most of the time, it was used to pack some contents with low preservation requirements, such as dry fruits or candy. However, the extensive use of ordinary flexible packaging pouches makes the environmental damage more and more serious. It is a very ironic thing to destroy the nature for the sake of natural fruit. Because of this, LD PACK develops the brand new environment-friendly packaging for our nature. To a large extent, the adverse impact of plastic products on the environment is reduced.

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  • Snacks Pouch In Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

    Eco/Environmental friendly packaging materials, to a large extent reduce plastic pollution, contribute to the world's environmental protection. To provide you with reliable and eco-friendly packaging for your food products, we can produce simple and lightweight snack pouches in high and stable quality. What is more, the volume of snack pouch is much smaller than that of traditional aluminum can/containers, it’s like just almost 1/10 of the former, not to mention the weight comparison between the two.And don’t forget, the transport cost depends on the volume and weight .

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