meat packaging

  • Meat Packaging

    For normal barriers performance film, we would suggest using NY15//PE65-75. It's flexible and just like the meat skin after vacuuming, the film can sterilize for 30 mins at 95℃; or using NY15//PE17/ PE48, which can stay for 30 mins at 105℃. For higher barriers performance film, we would suggest using the coex film with EVOH.

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  • Beef - Food Safe Packaging With Inert Atmosphere

    The modified atmosphere typically contains purified atmosphere found in air (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and/or carbon monoxide) in different proportions depending on and desired shelf lift and product quality characteristics. Packages protect the food against contamination and deterioration. Products can be visible through the package and label information can be showed on the package. Keep the meat in satisfying bright red colors. Conform to food safety standard.

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  • Skin Packaging

    Skin packaging provides a strong support for vsp packaging, high rigidity double-side printing, cooperate with the skin film provides a kind of special packaging solution. Cover layer use compostable film, environmentally friendly. VSPB is high barrier paper laminate ideal for use in food industry for meet, beef, fish, cheese and pasta or use in non-food packaging. Comply with the relevant requirement of EU/FDA/BFR for food packaging use.

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  • High Barrier Film Packaging For Fresh Meat

    LD's high barrier film packaging are used to protect your?meat?products from getting spoiled easily. That's is to say high barrier film packaging can extend the shelf life for products, and improve its visual appeal. LD PACK has been committing to manufacture high-quality packaging materials for markets in domestic and overseas.

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