skin packaging

  • Vacuum Packaging

    For vacuum packaging, as the pressure within the packaging is reduced then the packaging material collapses and forms itself tightly around the product. For some products, such as fresh meat, this can distort the appearance of the product. Other products, such as shredded cheese, are not suitable for vacuum packaging because the pressure of the packaging material on the product would cause the product to deform and to lose important characteristics.

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  • Skin Packaging

    Skin packaging provides a strong support for vsp packaging, high rigidity double-side printing, cooperate with the skin film provides a kind of special packaging solution. Cover layer use compostable film, environmentally friendly. VSPB is high barrier paper laminate ideal for use in food industry for meet, beef, fish, cheese and pasta or use in non-food packaging. Comply with the relevant requirement of EU/FDA/BFR for food packaging use.

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