recyclable packaging

  • Spouted Liquid Stand Up Pouches In Recyclable Packaging Materials

    The quality of liquid packaging pouch is the benchmark to test a packaging enterprise’s overall manufacturing level. . LD PACK is the industry leader in the manufacturing level and speed of liquid packaging bags. Even when producing the liquid packaging pouches with spouted, LD PACK can still maintain a qualified product output of more than 1 million per day. This benefits from its mature production process, rich production experience and strict production standards. These three conditions combined together allow us to make great progress every day. In order to better protect the environment, LD PACK has also developed liquid packaging pouches with recyclable packaging materials.

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  • Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging

    People thinks that recyclable flexible packaging is one of the workable way out in the business. This could help to reduce the plastic pollution which has been a serious problem for decades. LD PACK started developing sustainable flexible packaging at the beginning of the 21st century. With the countless experiments and satisfying advances of development in synthetic macromolecule compounds, the tech team of LD PACK believes that one of the doable sustainable research direction is polypropylene recyclable project. Now that the biodegradable technology has been fully successful accomplished in a widely acceptable level of price, recyclable packaging is an inevitable trend. On this background, recyclable flexible polypropylene packaging was developed with the concept by “leave the footprint as less as possible to the environment” . LD PACK is hoping that flexible packaging can lead the world into a better one with recyclable packaging

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