Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging

  • Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging
  • Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging
  • Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging
  • Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging
  • Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging
  • Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging
Recyclable Flexible Polypropylene Packaging
  • China
  • 30 days lead time
  • We have enough machinery and equipment for production to reach 350 tons per week.

People thinks that recyclable flexible packaging is one of the workable way out in the business. This could help to reduce the plastic pollution which has been a serious problem for decades.
LD PACK started developing sustainable flexible packaging at the beginning of the 21st century. With the countless experiments and satisfying advances of development in synthetic macromolecule compounds, the tech team of LD PACK believes that one of the doable sustainable research direction is polypropylene recyclable project. Now that the biodegradable technology has been fully successful accomplished in a widely acceptable level of price, recyclable packaging is an inevitable trend.

On this background, recyclable flexible polypropylene packaging was developed with the concept by “leave the footprint as less as possible to the environment” . LD PACK is hoping that flexible packaging can lead the world into a better one with recyclable packaging

In the recyclable flexible packaging industry, most of the people believe mono material is the “truly” recyclable one. And under the background of this business common sense, polypropylene was believed to be one of the qualified recyclable materials.

Polypropylene is one the “FIVE PLASTIC“ in the modern world. Polypropylene is also known as PP. PP was firstly compounded in the middle of 20th century. The interesting part is that PP was invented individually for a couple of times. The initial purpose of PP may not be flexible packaging, however, due to the good stability and high flexibility in manufacturing, PP has become one of the most common used materials in flexible packaging.

Recently, polypropylene is playing another very important role in the flexible packaging area, which is polypropylene recyclable program.

So now here you can find the leading recyclable flexibility packaging in LD PACK, with the PP laminate PP laminate PP in 3 layers structure, the recyclable flexible polypropylene packaging is basically meeting the strengths of regular laminated flexible pouch. When many teams or companies around the world are still struggling with the printing performance of the surface layer, LD PACK already have the recyclable packaging with matte varnish surface. Also we have partly matte (partly glossy) pouch and paper matte varnish for our customers choosing.


Recyclable flexible polypropylene packaging

Maximum capacity



Dog foods, cat foods, snacks, powder

Anti-dropping height

1 meter

Type of pouch

Flat bottom pouch/Quad seal bag



Structure and material





Maximum 12 colors

Printing process

Gravure printing

Production capacity

50,000 pcs per day

Default port of shipping


Working flows for pre-production:

1. Provide us with detailed information about the pouch you would like to make, like use purpose, size, artwork, structure and thickness, etc. If necessary, we can provide our good and professional suggestions for your choice as well.

2. We will quote accordingly after we get all the information about the pouch.

3. Once the price is confirmed by mutual sides, we will start working on the artwork processing (FYI:  we need to process the artwork into the doable version for  gravure printing).

4. Setting up the color standard.

5. Confirm the artwork and sign the contract.

6. Buyers need to prepay the cylinder (printing cost) and 40% advanced payment of the order.

7. We will start producing quanlity products for you after then.

Enterprise strength:

High production capacity

The production base covers an area more than 30,000m2.

Annual production can reach 15000 tons.

recyclable flexible packaging

Advanced production equipment:

300,000-class GMPB brand new workshops.

6 automatic high-speed production lines.

polypropylene recyclable


Strong technological innovative ability:

Obtain 9 invention patents.

Obtain 15 patents of utility model (including 1 international invention patent)

recyclable packaging

Perfect and stable quality assurance:

Professional inspecting equipment.

Quality-safety certification.

recyclable flexible packaging


Sustainable development strategy:

Equip with specialized waste gas treatment to reduce the carbon emission.

polypropylene recyclable

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